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Employment Law Blog

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lost productivity…really?

CNN money reports that the Major League Baseball playoffs might “?cost employers about $225 million this year”.  That’s an estimate from an outplacement firm, which seems to be based on an eyebrow raising calculation of lost work time.  I guess employers should be happy, the same firm estimated that March Madness would cost employers over $889 million in lost work.

These kinds of stories certainly provide catchy headlines (they always seem to get my attention) but don?t really address the issue of lost work time, particularly as it relates to Internet use.  A quick Google search revealed some University studies which indicate that most workers use the Internet for work-related activities and, more interestingly, spend more time at home using the Internet for work than the time they spend at work doing personal stuff.

Keep this in mind when the Superbowl comes rolling around.

Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 10/05 at 11:38 AM