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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dishonesty in the Workplace and Rules for Living

As I read a recent news story about widespread dishonesty in the workplace , I couldn?t help but reflect on an irony of life in America in 2005.  By nearly every standard, we are the richest nation not only in the world, but also in history.  To put it another way, we’ve got it very good.  Nevertheless, judging from the news story and my personal observation, it appears that Americans are forfeiting good character and becoming more and more dishonest (and making excuses for doing so.)

As a result of this reflection, I want to share a list of five simple Rules for Living (author unknown).

They were given to me by a former co-worker (thanks, Mike).  I keep them taped to my computer and re-read them regularly:

?Take responsibility for your life.  Stop making excuses.  Make yourself responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.

Rule One    Be a majority of one.  Do what is right and good.  Don?t worry about being popular.

Rule Two    Don?t let the fact that you can?t do all you want to do stop you from doing what you can do.  Do something.

Rule Three    Don?t hate people who use violence.  Evil only begets evil.  Love those who don?t agree with you.

Rule Four    Always be involved in helping someone.  Use your life to enrich those around you.  Be a nourisher.

Rule Five    You can make a difference if you fill your life with love and service.  Our true wealth and greatness is the good we do.?

Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 03/30 at 04:35 PM
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