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Krista L. Mitzel • Partner

The Mitzel Group, LLP • San Francisco, California

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The Mitzel Group, LLP
101 California Street, Suite 2450
San Francisco, California 94111
phone (415) 742-4972
fax  (415) 735-3572


People matter.  The single most important element to a company’s success is its employees.  It’s people who come up with great ideas.  People motivate others to succeed.  People push boundaries and explore new opportunities and possibilities.  With a strong, experienced, and innovative team, there is no limit to the success you can achieve.

It’s no surprise, then, that companies who invest in their workforce and facilitate the growth and natural abilities of their employees thrive.  You can’t underestimate the effect that the happiness of your employees will have on the overall success of your business.

As employment law and human resources experts, The Mitzel Group’s specialty is people.  We understand the challenges and decisions companies face in both good times and bad – our professionals will help you make smart choices and implement best practices along the way.  We aren’t just your attorney; we are also your business partner, litigator, counselor, educator, risk manager and mediator. We offer a wide variety of services and resources to meet your needs.

Our clients receive personalized risk management solutions regarding employment law matters, human resources issues, potential litigation exposure and how to avoid liability when it comes to your employees.  Our goal is to help you protect against litigation and administrative audits by government agencies by putting the right policies, practices and people in place.  However, should you be served with a court action or audit, we will aggressively defend your interests to a mutually beneficial resolution.

But most importantly we’re part of your team—ready to support your company and your future.  By building a solid foundation on which to grow your business, not only will you guarantee your company’s long term success and prosperity, you will naturally manage your risk and exposure.


The Mitzel Group represents companies in state and federal court actions as well as administrative proceedings before government agencies on all aspects of employment and business law.

We know how stressful and disruptive it can be when employment issues arise.  With the Mitzel Group on your team, you can stop worrying.  Let our professionals advise you on these problems and represent your interests so you can focus on more important things – running a successful and profitable business.  Regardless of the issues you face in any legal action or audit, we will diligently represent your interests throughout all stages of the process and communicate strategies on a real-time basis so you know what’s going on every step of the way.

It may feel like your company is a family, where everyone works toward the same goals of success and prosperity.  That may be true…until it isn’t.  It’s hard to know why problems with employees arise.  However, it’s easy to prevent by taking simple, cost-effective steps to protect your business.  By investing in and implementing strong policies and procedures to deal with employment issues now, you will save yourself significant resources in the future.

We are here to advise, counsel and support executives and human resource professionals establish preventative strategies in all areas of employment.

Please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. or


  • College: University of California, Berkeley
  • Law School: University of San Francisco

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Practice Areas

• Affirmative Action
• Age Discrimination
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Disability Discrimination
• Drug Testing
• Employee Assistance Plans
• Employee Benefits
• Employee Handbooks
• Employment At Will
• Employment Contracts
• Employment Law
• Executive Compensation
• Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
• Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
• Federal Employment
• HR Training and Compliance
• Immigration
• International Employment Law
• National Origin Discrimination
• Noncompete Agreements
• Public Sector Labor Law
• Race Discrimination
• Reductions In Force
• Safety and Health (OSHA)
• Sex Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment
• Sexual Orientation Claims
• Unemployment Compensation
• Unfair Labor Practices
• Wage and Hour Laws
• Whistleblower Claims
• Workers Compensation
• Wrongful Termination
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