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Lambert v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of Americ

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Appellate Division Provides Clarity: Medical Expenses Are Recoverable by Workers’ Compensation Carriers Under Section 40

Goldberg Segalla LLP • September 01, 2016
The Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court issued a published decision on August 24, 2016 confirming the right of workers’ compensation insurers to recover medical expenses from the proceeds of any recovery the worker obtains from a third-party tortfeasor under Section 40 of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act. The decision in Lambert v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of America offers welcome clarity concerning reimbursement of medical payments under Section 40 (see No. A-1073-14T3, __ N.J. Super. __, __ (App. Div. 2016)).
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