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Davis v. Fort Bend County, (5th Cir. 8.26.14)

Articles Discussing Case:

What Is a Sincere Religious Belief? The Fifth Circuit Weighs In On a Religious Discrimination Claim

Ogletree Deakins • September 11, 2014
In a 2-to-1 decision written by Judge Edward Prado, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently chimed in on an employee’s claim that her employer failed to accommodate a religious observance, for which “she believed strongly that she ‘needed’ to be at church . . . as a religious matter.” The court in Davis v. Fort Bend County overturned summary judgment where the district court had found that the employee’s absence on a Sunday to attend a ground breaking ceremony for her church was not a religious practice. As the district court found and Fort Bend County argued before the Fifth Circuit:

5th Circuit Weighs In On Religious Discrmination

Ogletree Deakins • August 27, 2014
Yesterday's post about the difficulty that courts have in dealing with religious discrimination, see Not Off to a Good Start and Onionhead: the newest religion? could not have been a better segue way to today's decision from the 5th Circuit, Davis v. Fort Bend County, (5th Cir. 8.26.14).
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