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Kidwell v. Sybaritic, Inc., Case Nos. A07-584, A07-788 (June 24, 2010)

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Employee Job Duties Are Relevant to Whether an Employee Has Made a Good Faith Complaint Under Minnesota’s Whistleblower Statute.

Ogletree Deakins • July 02, 2010
In a 4-3 decision with a plurality opinion, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Minnesota’s whistleblower statute, Minn. Stat. § 181.932, does not contain a job duties exception that bars employees who report illegal conduct or suspected illegal conduct as part of their job duties from bringing a claim under the statute. The employee’s job duties are relevant, however, in determining whether the employee made the report in “good faith” for the purpose of exposing illegal conduct so that the employee’s report qualifies as protected activity under the statute. Kidwell v. Sybaritic, Inc., Nos. A07-584, A07-788, Minnesota Supreme Court (June 24, 2010).
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